Squeezing every drop out of that long OJ trade

January 2023

Most hate it, but everyone needs it

November 2022

Sick and tired of it all

October 2022

Volatility Is All Around Us

September 2022

A write-up to my interview on Chat with Traders

March 2022

For their 20th anniversary edition, Traders’ magazine invited us for an interview to speak about the 2Q Portfolio and our quantitative approach to…

February 2022

We’re incredibly sad to hear of Dr. Tharp’s passing. I believe Van’s books on trading and trading psychology rank among the best trading books ever…

January 2022

Michael Covel, author of the best-selling Trend Following trading books and host of the popular Trend Following Radio podcast invited me to his show to…

July 2021

Thus far 2021 has been a great year for systematic trend following traders. Although there’s been some PL giveback in the past two months, the SG Trend…

June 2021

Trading is the hardest game in the world. It’s just you against the market and there’s no referee. Your bankroll is an unerring real-time scorekeeper…

May 2021

What signals do you use to get into a trend following trade – price breakouts, or moving averages? That’s a question which has come up several times on…

April 2021

It’s been my pleasure to give an introductory presentation/course on options and volatility to a select group of students at Queen’s University…